High performance release agent for Green Sand
fire-resistant eco-friendly

"ENVILUBE" is an environmentally friendly parting agent with excellent release characteristics. This is an oil in water (o/w) emulsion which is non-greasy and free of foul odour

Being an emulsion, it has better chemical and physical adhesion properties because of the polar nature. Because of this adhesive power, small amount is required to give lasting release performance compared to oil based parting agents. This means that the consumption of parting agent comes down!

It is well known that surface stability declines in oil based parting agents because of more application. With an emulsion, the surface stability increases due to the reduced quantity applied. This means that there is a reduction of defective moulds by using an emulsion.

ENVILUBE™ Technology

  • Oil-in-Water (o/w) emulsion
  • Non-flammable
  • Does NOT have a flash point
  • Acts as a fire retardant
  • Non-corrosive, GREEN technology
  • No foul smell and user friendly

ENVILUBE™ Advantages

  • Reduced consumption (up to 80% as compared with petroleum based products)
  • Reduced mould rejection due to Cod and Edge disintegration
  • Eliminated Sand Fall defects
  • Protection against fire
  • GREEN product