At Refcoat, we believe in questioning the status-quo. This belief led to the development of revolutionary products like CERAKARB, OGSS and Envilube, which have drastically changed our understanding of green sand and empowered foundries across India in achieving precision control on green sand.

Nanokarb is a revolutionary new age material. This can be used along with the existing carbon additive or as a replacement of your current carbon additive. This high-performance material ensures an ultimate finish on your castings with almost immediate results.


  • Immediate results
  • Reduced bentonite consumption (assured reduction of 10%)
  • Reduced carbon consumption (assured reduction of 25%)
  • Increased WTS – reduced expansion and erosion defects
  • Ultimate surface finish
  • Reduced shot-blasting time
  • Reduced metal penetration defects

Properties of Nanokarb

  • VM @ 400degC is 0%
  • VM @ 925degC is < 10%
  • Nanoparticles concentration 10%-20%
  • Moisture < 4%
  • Sieve Size – 100% passing through BSS 12 mesh
  • With 0% Volatiles at 400C, we have eliminated the chance of blowholes or any other gas related problems arising out of Nanokarb

Financial Savings

  • Minimum 10% reduction of Bentonite
  • Minimum 25% reduction of Carbon
  • Reduced shot-blasting time/shots consumed
  • Reduced expansion and erosion defects
  • Reduced Burn-on / Metal penetration defects
  • Ultimate Surface finish

Environmental Benefit

  • Every MT of Nanokarb used at your foundry is equivalent to planting 1500 trees!