OGSS™ - Optimising Green Sand Systems

Precision Sand Control at your fingertips

OGSS™ Technology

  • State-of-the-art data driven analytics
  • Cutting-edge algorithms with "un-assisted learning" technology (the same technology used to develop self-driving cars)
  • Integration for the complete foundry process
  • Secure and safe; individually customized data collection, storage, analysis and reporting through cloud based web-portal.

OGSS™ Advantages

  • Track Free Moisture in the system
  • Maximize GCS for lowest bentonite and moisture additions
  • Utilization of VM and LOI
  • Ticketing system to track and escalate issues
  • "Intelligent" automated alerts and reports sent by e-mail and/or SMS
  • Handy, Self-help, online rejection analysis and rectification manual
  • Predictive capabilities to pro-actively maintain your sand system
  • Precision sand control at your fingertips.