Increase the surface stability, while reducing defective moulds, through our environment-friendly emulsion.

Environmental friendly image

Environment Friendly

Oil in Wayer image

Oil-in-Water Emulsion

Non-greasy and free of foul odour image

Non-greasy and free of foul odour

lasting Release image

Lasting release performance


An environment-friendly parting agent with excellent release characteristics, Envilube is an oil in water emulsion, which is non-greasy and free of foul odour. Due to its polar nature, it has better chemical and physical adhesion properties. With only a small amount, it induces a lasting release performance in comparison to its oil based parting counterparts.

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Envilube technology

Oil in Water image

Oil in water (o/w) emulsion

Non-flamable image

Non-flammable & acts as fire retardant

Flash Point image

Does NOT have a flash point

Green Technology image

Non-corrosive, GREEN technology

Envilube Advantages

Reduced Consumption image

Reduced consumption (up to 80% lesser than petroleum based products)

Reduced Mould Rejection image

Reduced mould rejection due to Cod and Edge disintegration

sand fall image

Eliminates Sand Fall defects

Fire Protection image

Protection against fire