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Precision Sand Control at your fingertips

Foundries face rejections even though sand parameters are maintained well within their control ranges. Due to the huge interdependencies that exist between parameters, there is a need to understand this relationship via an optimal system.

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Establish correlations & identify interdependency

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Differentiates Anomalies & Outliers

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Digital Twin to simulate scenarios

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Multiple Dashboards


Foundries currently use Statistical Process Controls (SPC) for controlling the parameters. This is often misleading in a foundry setting due to the data not being independent and identically distributed. Data in a foundry is not independent and exhibits a time series effect.

Refcoat™ has built a system that recognizes all this - OGSS.

OGSS is our web portal that uses mathematical transformations on data, establishes correlations amongst data points and helps identify the interdependency. This not only provides an unbiased wholistic approach towards scenarios, it helps differentiate between anomalies and outliers.

OGSS will be a Digital Twin for your sand plant so you could simulate scenarios and view changes even before they are made. It prepares you to take pro-active control rather than reactive control. Equipped with multiple dashboards for sand, process, production and rejection management, OGSS provides precision sand control at your fingertips round the clock.

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Precision Sand Control - Watch More

OGSS technology

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State-of-the-art data driven analytics

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Cutting edge algorithms with un-assisted learning technology (as used in self-driven cars)

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Integration for the complete foundry process

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Secure and safe; individually customized data collection, storage, analysis and reporting through cloud based web-portal

OGSS Advantages

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DIGITAL TWIN for your sand plant - simulate what happens to the sand system even before the changes are made

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Ticketing system to track and escalate issues

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Handy self-help, online rejection analysis and rectification manual

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Track Free Moisture in the system

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Reduced sand loss / no lumping during shake out.

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Precision sand control at your finger tips with predictive capabilities with 24/7 technical assistance

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Maximize GCS for lowest bentonite and moisture additions

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‘Intelligent’ automated alerts and reports sent on e-mail and/or SMS

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Driving down cost and bringing in quality with reduced environmental hazards with 360o view of the foundry sand reclaimation

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Utilization of VM and LOI

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Multiple dashboards for sand, process, production and rejection