Why Refcoat™?

We hate rejections, as much as you do.

The global rejection average for green sand ferrous foundries stands at 2 percent, while its Indian counterpart unfortunately reads a tall figure of 4 percent. This figure roughly translates to a loss of around INR 12,000 crores

This is where Refcoat™ comes in. We are proud to have indigenously developed products and services that minimise rejections, and maximise savings.

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We understand that each foundry is different. The control factors vary drastically, and this has prevented research bodies from finding precise values that would bring down the rejection percentages.

We use innovative practices with state-of-the-art materials, data mining techniques and machine learning algorithms to understand green-sand systems unique to your foundry. Using this data, we develop customized solutions that suit your foundry.

Once you partner with us, you can witness rejection rates go down within a period of 6 weeks.

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Our products combine revolutionary new technology and scientifically selected materials, reducing carbon consumption and rejection significantly.

With cutting edge algorithms at our disposal, we help create dashboards that are customized, precise and insightful. Firm believers in green technology, we have in our ranks - the only engineered carbon for green sand in the world, guaranteed to reduce carbon emission by a minimum of 50 percent.

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The only role of carbon in Green Sand is to form a non-wetting barrier between the molten metal and sand. This is a case study of how our nanotechnology based carbon additive helped save INR 2,00,00,000 per year and reduced CO2 emission by around 3,00,000kg per year

Our Products

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A nanotechnology based engineered material that can completely eliminate the use of mould and core coatings in foundries. Designed after years of research to empower foundries produce better castings at a lesser cost while being environmentally friendly.

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A high performance material that can be used along with your existing carbon additive or as its replacement - Nanokarb ensures supreme finish on your castings in record time.

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A revolutionary new technology that combines scientifically selected nanomaterials, anti-scabbing agents, carbon, and a proprietary blend that form a ceramic surface where molten metal meets sand.

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OGSS - Optimising Green Sand System

OGSS will be a digital twin for your sand plant, enabling you to simulate scenarios and view changes even before they are made. It prepares you to take proactive control rather than reactive control. Experience precision sand control at your fingertips, round the clock.

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Envilube Series

An environment-friendly parting agent with excellent release characteristics, Envilube is an oil in water emulsion, which is non-greasy and free of foul odour.

Our Services

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Rejection Rectification Manual

Intelligent tracking systems that minimize rejections

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Keeping abreast with the latest in the industry

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We undertake a strict testing and procedural policy, ensuring all our products meet the global standards.