We understand that each foundry is different

The control factors vary drastically, and this has prevented research bodies from finding precise values that would bring down the rejection percentages. While the global average of rejections stand at 4%, the Indian average stands at 10%. This loss roughly translates to around Rs 7.500 crores or USD 1 Billion. The numbers truly bothered us, and we devised a solution.

We at Refcoat™ use innovative practices with state-of-the-art materials, data mining techniques and machine learning algorithms to understand green-sand systems unique to your foundry. Then, using this data, we develop customized solutions that suit your foundry. Once you partner with us, you can see your rejection rates go down within a period of 6 weeks!


To create ultimate value


We strive to be technological leaders in all products/services offered by us. Our products are designed cost-effective. We believe in questioning the traditional understanding of how a foundry works and then develop upon it.

Core Values

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Science based innovation, not imitation

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Partnership with customers and suppliers

Ferrous foundries was a closed knit industry in India. Mr HS Gurunath saw an opportunity in the refractory coating manufacturing for use in ferrous foundries.

A proprietorship firm was started with main focus on manufacturing of refractory coatings for use in ferrous foundries


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Being in the industry for a couple of years, there was an understanding of the need for replacing coaldust which was vastly used across the world as a non-wetting barrier between the molten metal and sand which forms the mould.

This led to the creation of a new product Neokarb, for use as coaldust replacement. This ensured enhancement in both quality and performance along with reduced fire harzards.


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Neokarb started getting a wider acceptance across South Indian ferrous foundries thereby increasing Refcoat industries’ customer base


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To cater to the growing demand of Refcoat products, a new manufacturing unit was set-up in Bangalore. This was a strategic move to help the organization reach out more


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Mr. Vijay Gurunath (M.S - Chemical Engineering with specialization in Nanotechnology, University of Missouri-Rolla, U.S.A) took over the business after the demise of Mr. H S Gurunath.


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With the sudden demise of his father, Mr.Vijay took on the responsibility of working in an industry which he was absolutely clueless about. He then set-out to understand every aspect of how the ferrous foundries worked


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This marked the beginning of a new thought process in the traditionally functioning organization and industry practices. This lead to multiple innovations in terms of products and solutions.

Mr.Vijay further understood how different industrial domains like thermal power plants, export/import of minerals functioned along with getting more expertise on the traditional foundry practices.


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With sufficient knowledge of the industry and technology, Refcoat identified a huge need in the foundry industry for upgraded technology both in terms of material science and information technology.

This led to the introduction of newer products. Refcoat went on to launch ENVICOAT– an environmentally friendly water-proof coating for ferrous foundries. This was the only water-proof coating available in the industry.


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Identifying an opportunity to improve the lives of mould line workers, Refcoat began its next research on environmentally friendly mould-release agents.

This was when ENVILUBE - emulsion based environmentally friendly parting agent, was launched into the market.


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Being consistent towards science based innovation, Refcoat continued to introduce cutting-edge material science products into the close knit conservative market.

Refcoat grew to set-up a second manufacturing unit to accommodate the growing product and customer base.


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Refcoat leadership expanded to a young dynamic enthusiastic team of three. To remain true to our innovative zest, the leadership took an audacious decision to stop manufacturing of all products where Refcoat was not a technological leader.

With sufficient R&D around the role of carbon in creating a barrier between mould metal and sand, Refcoat created CERAKARB – a revolutionary cutting-edge material science nanotechnology based carbon sand conditioner for use in green sand moulding process.


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Refcoat Industries evolved into to a Private Limited company - REFCOAT CHEMICALS PVT. LTD., followed by an upgradation of manufacturing unit in Tumkur, Bangalore with state of the art automation and material handling capabilities.


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Refcoat Chemicals began transitioning from being perceived as a small proprietorship concern to a brand synonymous with science-based innovative company and went on to have a Pan-India presence.


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With the process of making a metal casting being extremely complex and dependent on multiple uncontrollable factors led to the process being considered an art rather than science where experience was indispensable.

Refcoat Chemicals realised how cutting-edge data science technology can not only add value to the foundry in terms of making it a science rather than art but also ensure zero rejections by leading the way towards INDUSTRY 4.0.

Optimizing Green Sand Systems – OGSS – was launched to add intelligence to the otherwise underutilized foundry data by providing timely actionable insights thereby empowering foundry-men.


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Refcoat Chemicals deep-dived to upgrade the potential of CERAKARB technology and thus created NANOKARB – environmental friendly sand conditioner with the potential to reduce carbon consumption up to 80%.

This was revolutionary in contributing towards a more sustainable ecosystem.


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Vijay Gurunath photo

Vijay Gurunath

Managing Director and CEO

Harsham krishna Photo

Harsha M Krishna

Head of Sales and Marketing

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Chethan S P

Head of Operations

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Umasree Balraj

Head of Finance

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Pooja R

Head of Technology