Empower foundries produce better casting at a lesser cost while being environmental friendly

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Supreme Surface Finish image

Supreme Surface Finish

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Coating replacement

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100% elimination of refractory mould and core coatings. Ultimate surface finish with just 0.3% Nanocore. A paradigm shift in metal-sand barriers brought about with our nanotechnology-based product.

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Nanocore technology

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Nanotechnology based product for cold box cores

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The only engineered additive that eliminates 100% of coatings

ceramic Nanoparticles image

Ceramic nanoparticles impregnated into quasi graphitic carbon to get desired properties

Non Wetting Barrier image

Forms a non-wetting barrier between the molten metal and sand, leading to an excellent finish

Nanocore Properties

With almost 0% Volatile Matter @ 400℃, we have drastically reduced VOC

Volatile Matter image

Volatile Matter
@ 400℃ - < 0.5%

Volatile Matter Hot image

Volatile Matter
@ 925℃ - < 10%

Nanoparticle image

Nanoparticle concentration - 10-20%

Moisture content image

Moisture < 5%

Sieve size image

Sieve size - 100% passing through standard BSS 80 mesh

Nanocore Advantages

Ultimate Surface finish

Bentonie Reduction image

Upto 20% reduction in binder consumption

Carbon Reduction image

100% elimination of coating.

Shot Blasting Reduction image

Huge saving due ot elimination of entire process

Expansion Reduction image

Ready to use cores out of core shooter

Metal penitration Reduction image

Reduced Burn-on / Metal penetration defects

Blowholes Reduction image

Eliminates blowholes, pinholes and sub surface porosity arising out of cores