Creating Ultimate Value

Rapidly activate bentonite, reduce rejections, and optimize foundry processes, all while championing environmental sustainability.

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Advance bentonite activation

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Zero Green Sand rejection

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Catalyst for bentonite – water interaction

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Additive for water


In the intricate dance of metallurgy, every casting, every mold, every grain of sand matters. We don't just offer products; we offer value – the ultimate value. MouldMax is more than just an innovation; it's our way of redefining the boundaries of what's possible in foundries worldwide.

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Mouldmax Advantages

Ultimate Surface finish

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Achieving unprecedented casting precision.

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Drastically reducing bentonite consumption.

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Elevating green sand properties to their optimum levels.

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And ultimately, getting closer to that dream of zero rejections



MD of SVAPL foundry, Gummudipoondi.

The magic of MouldMax seems to be happening at SVAPL too, our rejection has come down drastically from 4.5% to 1.45%

MD of Bluemount castings, Coimbatore

On the first day itself we have seen that the peel off was better and the casting shine was very good. After using Mould max, we have seen that all our sand related defects have completely disappeared. We have seen that our bentonite addition has reduced from 0.6% to 0.38%. For the same strength and reduced bentonite usage, the permeability has increased by 30 points and a reduction in dead-clay by 1.4% within just 10 days of using mouldmax. New sand addition and lustrous carbon addition has also reduced significantly. We are very happy with the results and feel that all the other foundries should also benefit from Mould max

Mr.Upendra Nayak
Head Quality – M/s Rajmane Industries, Dabaspet

Our mould leak problem has been eliminated completely. Our bentonite consumption has reduced by 20%.