Imparting a superior finish on the castings

Eliminating metal penetration and burn-on defects, our revolutionary new technology reduces rejection rate and helps you maximize cost efficiency.

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Anti-scabing agents image

Anti-Scabbing Agents

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Proprietary blend


A revolutionary new technology that combines scientifically selected nanomaterials, anti-scabbing agents, carbon, and a proprietary blend that form a ceramic surface where molten metal meets sand. Experience a superior surface finish with our proprietary technology!

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Cerakarb technology

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Revolutionary new technology using 'nano' materials

Ceramic nanomaterials image

Ceramic nanomaterials blended with anti-scabbing agents, carbon in a proprietary blend

Ceramic Surface image

Ceramic surface is formed where molten metal meets sand

Non-wetting Barrier image

Non-wetting barrier between the molten metal and sand ensuring a superior surface finish

Cerakarb Advantages

redused carbon consumption image

Reduces consumption of carbon by a minimum of 10%

Metal penitration image

Eliminates metal penetration and burn-on defects

Collapsibility image

Improved collapsibility and reduced shake out time

Microscope image

Improved refractoriness and permeability

bentonite reduction image

Reduces consumption of bentonite by a minimum of 10% while maintaining the required GCS and WTS

Scrabbing image

Reduced scabbing, hot-tear and hot crack casting defects

Microscope image

Reduced sand loss / no lumping during shake out. Better sand reclamation.

Microscope image

Reduced fettling and shot blasting time

Cerakarb graphs

Reduced Bentonite Consumption without affecting GCS
Bentonite Consumption graph image
Increased Wet Tensile Strength
Increased Wet Tensile graph image
Reduced Carbon Consumption
Reduced Carbon graph image

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