Deliver the ultimate finish on your castings with almost immediate results

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Supreme Surface Finish

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Carbon Additive

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Questioning the status-quo at every stage of development, we set out to develop a revolutionary new age material in Nanokarb. A high performance material that can be used along with your existing carbon additive or as its replacement - Nanokarb ensures supreme finish on your castings in record time!

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Nanokarb technology

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Nanotechnology based carbon additive for green sand used to reduce VOC and carbon emission by a minimum of 50% from current levels

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The only engineered carbon for green sand in the world (patent pending)

ceramic Nanoparticles image

Ceramic nanoparticles impregnated into quasi graphitic carbon to get desired properties

Non Wetting Barrier image

Forms a non-wetting barrier between the molten metal and sand, leading to an excellent finish

Nanokarb Properties

With almost 0% Volatile Matter @ 400℃, we have drastically reduced VOC

Volatile Matter image

Volatile Matter
@ 400℃ - < 0.5%

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Volatile Matter
@ 925℃ - < 10%

Nanoparticle image

Nanoparticle concentration - 10-20%

Moisture content image

Moisture < 5%

Sieve size image

Sieve size - 100% passing through standard BSS 12 mesh

Nanokarb Advantages

Ultimate Surface finish

Bentonie Reduction image

Minimum 10% reduction of Bentonite

Carbon Reduction image

50% - 80% reduction of carbon expected, with an assurance of minimum 25% pruning.

Shot Blasting Reduction image

Reduced shot-blasting time/ shots consumed

Expansion Reduction image

Reduced expansion and erosion defects

Metal penitration Reduction image

Reduced Burn-on / Metal penetration defects

Blowholes Reduction image

Eliminates blowholes, pinholes and sub surface porosity arising out of carbon