Nanokarb - instant results in Green Sand Foundries

At Refcoat, we believe in questioning the status-quo. This belief led to development of revolutionary products like Cerakarb, OGSS and Envilube, which have drastically changed our understanding of green sand and empowered foundries across India in achieving precision control on green sand

We would like to re-affirm our commitment to developing new-age materials for use in green sand foundries. This is in line with our vision to empower foundries achieve ZERO rejection.

We are very happy to introduce our latest development “NANOKARB” for use in green sand foundries. This patent pending revolutionary product can be used either in conjunction or as a replacement for your existing carbon additive in green sand.

Nanocore – Ceramic nanoparticle impregnated ENGINEERED carbon for use in green sand

This can be used along with the existing carbon additive or as a replacement of you current carbon additive.

  1. Immediate results
  2. Reduced bentonite and carbon consumption (assured reduction of 10%)
  3. Increased WTS – reduced expansion and erosion defects
  4. Ultimate surface finish
  5. Reduced shot-blasting time – reduced sand penetration defects

Every 1 MT of Nanokarb used to replace carbon at your foundry is equivalent to reducing CO2 emissions which would require planting 1500 trees/year!

  1. Properties of NanoKarb
  2. VM @ 400C is 0%
  3. VM @ 925C is < 10%
  4. Nanoparticles concentration 10% - 20%
  5. Moisture < 4%
  6. Sieve Size – 100% passing though BSS 12 mesh

With 0% Volatiles at 400C, we have eliminated the chance of blowholes or any other gas related problems arising out of NANOKARB

Our nano-particles will form a barrier between the molten metal and sand thereby ensuring an ultimate surface finish and eliminating sand fusion/burn-on defects.

With an effective barrier, shot blasting times drastically come down.

Financial Savings
  1. Minimum 10% reduction of Bentonite
  2. Reduced shot-blastings time / shots consumed
  3. Reduced expansion and erosion defects
  4. Eliminate burn-on/metal penetration defects
  5. Ultimate Surface finish

There is always a great amount of apprehension in foundry-men to make changes to the green sand system. This is quite understandable - the impact on the foundry if something goes wrong is huge!

Luckily with Nanokarb, you can use it along with the existing carbon additive to see the benefits for yourself - instantly and evidently!