Intelligent systems powered by advanced analytics for precision sand control in green sand foundries unassisted

Casting rejections, even though sand parameters are maintained well within their control ranges, is one of the biggest challenges foundries are facing today. Multiple sand parameters are measured in a foundry regularly. All these parameters are analyzed and monitored with a basic assumption of them being independent of the rest of the parameters.

Ultimate goal of sand system management - precision sand control

Data in a foundry is not independent and exhibits times series effect, where any changes made to the system today will not reflect immediately. There is a need to understand the interdependencies that exists amongst parameters to create an optimal system. We, at Refcoat, have built a system that understands all of this - OGSS (Optimizing Green Sand Systems). OGSS is our web portal embedded with mathematical transformations and cutting-edge algorithms for unassisted learning that helps understand the complex interdependencies that exist amongst sand parameters.

For instance, let's look at the relationship between compatibility and moisture:

OGSs Statstical image

It is evident from the graph that a strong correlation exists between the two parameters.Having established this correlation, there are certain timeframes during which there is disorder in this trend. This change is recognized as an anomaly by OGSS and immediately alerts the necessary foundry personnel via an SMS or email about the steps to be taken to counter the situation.

Since data record is mostly manual in a foundry, there might be human errors during data entry which might skew the relationship. Such data points are called outliers and are immediately identified and fixed automatically by OGSS without the need for human intervention.

Data from multiple foundry departments are gathered and analyzed in one single application.

Emphasis will shift from leap of faith to rationale and reasoning, eventually leading to informed decision making.

OGSS is embedded with pertinent features which can absolutely revolutionize the way sand management is looked at in foundries:

Armed with state-of-the-art analytics, OGSS is equipped with timely alerts and actionable insights for effective sand parameter management. This empowers the foundry personnel to take immediate corrective action thereby reducing the cost. Not just this, Rejections dashboard equipped with data transformation capabilities provides the user with an option to deep-dive on each rejection – Root Cause Analysis (RCA) in the least amount of time. RCA helps take proactive measures towards effective deployment of precious resources.

OGSS assures continuous monitoring of the sand system. This ensures any unusual activity in any of the parameters gets picked up by the backend feedback-based learning algorithms with an immediate alert sent to the appropriate foundry personnel. Such alerts help take timely action towards efficient sand parameter control.

Such precision control and system functioning made available by OGSS helps bring down an overall reduction in cost of rejection as well as the cost of sand preparation.

With OGSS serving as a 24/7 virtual assistant, we foresee a 10% monthly savings for sand preparation alone!

OGSS eliminates the amount of time invested in rejection analysis. Slicing rejection data at multiple levels of type, phase and component narrows down the conversation and directs it towards actual pain points or challenge in the foundry.

Suppose rejection analysis of all different verticals is a week long effort if done manually, rejection continues to happen and increase for 5 consecutive days. With OGSS, this analysis can be done within a few hours, thereby limiting the rejections for just a day instead of allowing rejections to continue for 4 days. This means huge monetary savings for the foundry.

Effective and informed rejection analysis provides for massive savings both in terms of money as well as man-hours for the foundry.

OGSS not only recognizes parameter dependencies that exist in foundry data, it helps provide an unbiased holistic approach towards scenarios. With historic data collated in OGSS, it enables informed decision making towards Production Planning.

All in all, OGSS stands true to its name – OPTIMIZING Green Sand Systems